Monday, May 30, 2011


Okay, it has now been a couple of days since I last wrote but I will start from where I left off so this will be a really long entry. We landed in Egypt about 1:09 am. We got off the plane, found our luggage and went looking for the person who was supposed to take us to our hotel. We found a man with a sign that said "BYU Cosmos." So we knew that it was him. Then we had to wait in line for a long, long, long time. Then we hopped into a van. It was very dark outside so we couldn't see much but it was really humid. Now I am more used to that but at first it felt very different. We stopped at a nice hotel that had a bathtub, soft carpet, comfy beds, pretty paint, a tv that had lots of channels and the remote hadn't even been opened from it's case because it was so new. There also was a place to eat downstairs that had good food. Nabby, Camille, and I shared a room again except this time they had to bring an extra bed in. We slept there the night then woke up, ate breakfast, and headed off for Alexandria in the same van that took us last time. It took two and a half hours to get there. When we finally got there it looked like it was once again going to be a nice hotel. Nabby, Camille, and I once again would share a room. When we got there we were taken by surprise because the room was an ugly green color, the beds were very hard, the carpet was itchy an looked as though it had never been vacuumed, the shower had no curtain, the bathroom had one towel, everything was pretty unclean and disgusting. We looked out the window and saw that we had a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea. After that we went out to eat and had delicious food. They even have french fries here! Then we went shopping for awhile before going to bed. The next day we went to an institute where the BYU students will be taking their classes. We stayed there with Sister Parkinson while Nabby, Bro. Parkinson, Mom, and Dad went looking for apartments. (We couldn't all fit in the taxi and Nabby really wanted to go). We played fun games with Sis. Parkinson. After they came back, the cosmo van picked us up and took us to more apartments and this time we all got to go. Most of them were on the 14-16 floors. Today we went to church because they have church on Friday here. I made a few friends and sunday school reminded me of home because everyone was so loud. We went to church in Cairo so it took almost five and a half hours to get there and back. We went to an internet cafe and were able to write friends. Well, it's getting late so I'd better go. We are still in this hotel. Bye!


Today we got up early. Well, I'm not sure if it was early or not but it seemed way early. I woke up and heard Nabby wake up and get ready for the day and I was going to but I was just too tired. Camille, believe it or not, was still sleeping! (She and my dad are the early birds in the family). Anyway, back to the subject. Mom came in a little later to get us up so I got up and got dressed but Camille stayed in bed. I understood perfectly how she felt. I think the time change messed up our sleeping schedules and Camille and I switched roles. We went upstairs and had breakfast and then we took a tram to a train station and took a train to the bus station and took a long bus ride to Edirno [sp?] (which I slept through). Then we took a taxi to a mosque called "selimiyye" and it was very pretty and was the second one I've been to where you can go upstairs to the balcony. Then we took a bus to the bus station to take another bus to the train station and the tram ad then walked back. We had all of our luggage out of our rooms and in the lobby so that we would be ready to leave for Cairo. We then went to a place and ate some yummy things that looked like tortillas and are filled with potatoes. Then we got stopped by a man who knew English and was selling rugs. He talked to us for a long time and then invited us into his store for some apple tea. We went with him and he wanted us to buy a carpet but we were persistent on saying no. He showed us a wall full of pictures of his happy customers and their new rugs. We were finally able to leave. We had someone take us to the airport. We are now on a plane going to land in Cairo in 22 minutes. It is 12:48 am. Well, I'd better go.



Today we went on a boat ride and it was very fun. It was five hours long. We had lunch at a place on the way. We had pizza and it tastes different here.  We hiked to an old castle and it was very cool. It overlooked The Black Sea. We went on a long bridge but we only walked halfway across. We rode the tram on the way home. We had french fries with dinner and they were so good. We wrote to Jamie Lyn. We're leaving tomorrow. I will try to write. I'm so tired. Goodnight!