Saturday, February 12, 2011


Today was very tiring but still fun. I woke up very early and got ready to go and then I listened to my CD player because Grandma gave me a new CD. She actually gave me two and Camille two. One of Camille's is a conference talk... Anyway, so I listened and waited for Camille and Nabby to wake up (we share a room). Camille woke up next and then finally Nabby (my point here being...?). We went upstairs and ate breakfast and then went to a site called The Harem (I'm thinking this was Topkapi Palace but I am not sure). My mom, Camille, and I had read a book about about it called "The Shadow Spinner." It was very interesting (the book I assume?). Then went to a whole bunch of little museums on things like the Sultan's clothing. He had a lot of clothes. Then we went a museum that had lots of things from Mohammed and Moses and Joseph. My dad was a little behind all of the rest of us (because he was more interested or something) so we went outside and looked around. It was pretty because they had a pond with sprinklers pouring into it. We waited for what seemed like a long time. Then we decided to go get my dad and so we looked for him and couldn't find him. The Parkinsons helped us look. Finally my mom  found him. Dad said he was looking for us too. We then went to museums with swords and guns and armor. The we went to a museum with mummies and carvings. Dad took a picture of Camille and I by a giant carving. I must admit, I was kind of grumpy by now. Then we went to another museum that had two parts, one had statues that looked like they were Roman (apparently I was paying close attention...), the other had coffins and things. Then we came back to the hotel and then Dad left with the Parkinsons to go see something. I took a nap. Then we went out to eat and got chicken pizza which was really good. We then went to the festival of culture and tourism and it was really cool because they lit up the Blue Mosque with different colors of light. We listened to a Turkish band. Then we came home and here I am! My hand is getting tired so I guess I'll write tomorrow. We are going on a boat. Bye!